Building the Largest Dance Studio in the World
Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. Any dance.

Dance Learning Reinvented

Join Woah for one-on-one, AI powered virtual dance learning sessions, with your favorite dance model.

Learn Anytime. Anywhere

With Woah’s unique patented artificial perception technology, all you need is your smartphone. No special camera or sensors required. At home, outside - just start learning!

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Share Your Success

Gain Woah’s unique visual effects and filters with every successful move you make and share them with your ultimate dance performance on social platforms of your choice.

About Us

Woah is an innovative startup, combining education and entertainment in its mission to provide dance lovers of all levels, anywhere in the world, with the ability to virtually learn from dance pros using nothing but their smartphone. The company is wholly owned by Coach-AI, a world leader in the fields of artificial intelligence, media and computer vision.